Because of their difficulty, Pat is limiting the number of commissions accepted per year. If you are interested in getting in touch with Pat about a possible commission, please fill out the form below. If accepted, Pat will contact you with further information. Thank you for your interest!

Estimated delivery date (usually 4 to 6 weeks):

($100.00 non-refundable design fee will be applied to the total price of the commission when it is accepted by the customer.)

Information needed:

If accepted, Pat will need additional details. Please be ready to supply photos, including back side with tail. Pictures from books are acceptable if laser copied.

If color is important, please have color photos ready to send to Pat. If photos are important, please be ready to send laser copies or inform her that the photos are to be returned.

If exact color is important, please note that there is an extra charge. Please get appropriate paint chip from a paint store.

Additionally, if you already have the information available:

Please note, this will be an artist’s rendition, not a perfect likeness.
She will try to capture the essence of the subject. The more the photos show the unique look or favorite poses of the animal the more successful the piece is likely to be.