About the Mural

Hasbro Children's Hospital Mural

I was approached by Joy Williams, (then director of the Tomorrow Fund) about the feasibility of creating a clay mural to raise funds for Kids with Cancer and to be permanently placed in the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. She had the idea of a rainbow, a stylized sun, and blades of grass with the children’s names pressed into the clay. I suggested animals (paid for by corporate sponsors) and colored clay so that the edges or even chipped parts would still be colorful.

The mural was designed by Robin Halpren-Ruder – parts were modified to intrigue certain sponsors (i.e. the lion for the LIONS Club) and permission was obtained for a 2′ x 4′ mock up to sell the different parts of the mural.

Thanks to aid by the Minnesota-Midwest Clay Co., we could afford their beautiful colored clay, fired at Stoneware temperatures for durability.

The fundraising efforts were so successful that we enlarged the mural from the original size of 5′ x 10′ to 5′ x 19′; working with a curved wall and a fire sensor added to the design modifications.

I was exciting to see 800 people at the dedication. Touching the name of a child who has died allowed closure for some families.